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Who is MC I-AM?

Growing up an East Indian kid on the rough streets of London, Panache Desai first found his power and voice through rapping at underground raves. He was a “lyrical miracle” who was seminal in the early days of Jungle, Drum & Bass and House & Garage in England.  Now, under the handle “MC I-AM”, Panache lays his visionary lyrics over the beats of music partner DJ MantraMatrix.

MC I-AM comes from an ancient lineage of “rappers” called Brahmins. His Indian family and other masters taught him the vibrational properties of sound through chanting powerful Sanskrit mantras. This fusion of ancient Brahmin with modern rapper has created a new voice – the voice of MC I-AM calling for freedom, justice, empowerment and abundance for all.

Now an internationally acclaimed teacher and inspirational speaker, Panache Desai returns to the raw power of hip-hop and electronic dance music as MC I-AM to bring a potent message through the vibrational medium of music. Panache has worked with people such as Ram Dass (Be Here Now), Michael Beckwith (The Secret), and Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations with God).

His new album, DANCE AWAY YOUR DENSITY: Mantra Mash-up moves from hard-hitting dubstep beats to moments of spiritual epiphany. It is a dance album, intended to shake the density out of your bootie so you can awaken your total awesomeness.

Dance Away Your Density Tracks:

  • 1. Ganesha / AbunDance
  • 2. False Dreams
  • 3. The Infinite Embrace / Devotion
  • 4. Non-Personal Awareness
  • 5. The Middle Path
  • 6. Oneness
  • 7. Guru
  • 8. One Love, One Tribe   One Family
  • 9. Tumare Darshan (MC I AM Remix)
  • 10. Social Distortion
  • 11. Mumble Mumble